Real Estate Montenegro

Already before the global pandemic 2020, international real estate markets shifted heavily towards a more digitally transformed customer experience. 


Metamedium over the last years has proven to be a valuable partner for international-digital real estate marketing of multi-national project development companies such as 6B47 AG, Buwog, or K&K Real Estate. 


population 620.000 people
surface 13.000 KM^2 
coast line 250 KM 

FDI (foreign direct investment) 

The total inflow of Foreign Direct Investment in the previous 10 years, from 01.01.2009. until 31.12.2019 amounted to 7.7 billion Euros, according to the Central Bank of Montenegro. Of that amount, 3 billion were invested in domestic companies and banks, 2.36 billion inflows were registered in the form of intercompany debt, 1.93billion was invested in the real estate sector, and 417 million all other sectors combined. The total inflow of FDI in 2019 amounted to 778 million euros.


We research, develop and produce a variety of innovative technological solutions that we bring to the rapidly transforming global real estate market to help you establish inspiring and convenient relationships between you and your potential customers. 

Let us support your company by developing digital business models to create additional leads, income and attention, without compromising your day-to-day business. 

With its only 13.000 square kilometers, Montenegro isn’t only one of the smallest independent states, but also the second-youngest nation in the world. 

Montenegro’s 250 Kilometres of mostly non urbanized coastline, promise exceptional potential for real estate developments and international market attention. 

We help you identify and contact potential buyers. We design and produce visual communication materials adequate for international market expectations and establish inspiring, transparent and fruitful relationships between you and your buyers – anywhere in the world. 

We provide our clients with high-end visual communication materials and go-to-market strategies adequate for international digital market expectations.